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New Handmade GENE KLEIN Sterling Silver Mounted Loose Cheek Curb Bit

This is an new handmade bit made by Gene Klein from Miami, New Mexico. Gene has been building, bits, spurs and jewelry since 1988. It is marked with his maker’s mark inside the cheek piece. Gene is listed in Old Cowboy Saddles and Spurs by Gretchen and Mike Graham. Gene’s work is very clean and he has an eye for detail with really nice engraving. Gene calls this cheek piece style the Cimarron. The bit is steel with a dark iron finish and is mounted with engraved sterling silver. The mouth piece is steel with stainless ball hinges and the port is flattened. This would be a nice bit to use or to add to a collection.

Measurements: Mouth Piece (measured between cheeks) 5”, Cheek Pieces 7”, Bars Diameter 7/16”, Port Height 1 ¾”, Bit Weight 14.5 ounces

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