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8682 Handmade CASEY BAUER Lined Stitched Headstall


This is handmade headstall made by Casey Bauer from Union Center, South Dakota and is marked with his stamp. The headstall is skirting leather with a San Carlos stamp pattern.  It is lined with pebbled dark brown leather. It has a chap leather ties at the bit ends.  The cheek piece width is 1 ¼” and tapers to ¾” at the buckle.  The cheek piece buckle is attached to the headstall with brads and the concho is a chicago screw back.  The buckle and concho are cast production type buckles and are not marked. The headstall has not been on a horse but has had a bit on it.

Measurements: Headstall Length 36 ½” to 41 ½”, Strap Width 1 ¼” tapers to ¾” at the buckle, Leather Thickness ¼”, Bit End Width ¾”, Buckle Dimensions 2” x 2 ⅞”, Concho Diameter 1”

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