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8634 CAMPBELL #7633 Silver Mounted Snaffle Bit


This is a lightly used snaffle bit made Texas bit and spur makers. It is marked Campbell inside one cheek piece and 7633 inside the other cheek piece. The Campbell’s have been building bits and spurs since 1984 and are located in Amarillo, Texas. They are listed in Bits & Spurs, Motifs, Techniques, and Modern Makers by Ned and Jody Martin. The bit is steel with a natural patina and is mounted with twelve pieces of engraved nickel silver. Copper is inlaid on the back of the mouth piece. It is not bent, broken, or repaired. This would be a nice bit to use. 

Measurements: Mouth (between cheeks) 5 ½”, Cheek Pieces (excluding rein rings) 7 ⅜”, Bars Diameter a little over ⅜”, Bit Weight 14.7 ounces

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