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10598 Vintage Handmade CROCKETT Sterling Silver Mounted Parade Spurs


This is a pair of vintage handmade Crockett spurs that are single mounted.  Crockett is listed in Bit and Spur Makers in the Texas Tradition by Ned and Jody Martin.  They are marked with the Crockett small mark 1/16tall on the outside of the heel bands and marked ST.  These spurs are unusual with the split heel bands.  We could not find this style in our Crockett catalogs. The spurs are stainless and are mounted with engraved sterling silver.  They are in very good condition and do not appear to have ever been worn.  These would be nice to add to a collection or could still be worn today.

Measurements: Heel Band Width at Shank ¾” Heel Band Width at Concho 1 ⅝”, Shank 2 ¼”, Rowels 2 3/16”, Rowel Points 20, Heel Opening 3”, Weight of both spurs 1lb 6.6oz

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