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10080 Pair of New JACK FERGUSON Longhorn Loop Back Conchos


This is a pair of loop back conchos made by the late Jack Ferguson.  They are marked JF.  Jack is a well-known bit and spur maker from Akron, Colo.  Jack's special interest was in Canon City prison spur design and engraving and his company CCSC stands for Canon City Spur Company.  His work is sought after by cowboys and collectors.  He started making spurs in 1991 and is listed in Bits & Spurs Motifs, Techniques, and Modern Makers by Ned and Jody Martin.  He has also co-authored several books.   The conchos are cast out of nickel silver.   These could be used on a headstall or a pair of spur straps.

Measurements:  Diameter 1 ⅞”, Loop Back Strap Width 1”

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