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10007 Handmade STANBRO Loose Cheek Curb Bit


This is a used handmade mounted loose cheek curb bit made by Stanbro’s Custom Bits, Spurs, & Buckles out of Claremore, Oklahoma. The Stanbro father and son team Billy and Joe, have been full time makers since 1984. It is marked Stanbro and 1 inside one cheek piece and marked with a lazy F on the port.  The bit is steel with a natural patina and is mounted with nickel silver. The bit is not bent, broken, or repaired.  This would be a nice bit to use or to add to a collection.

Measurements: Mouth Piece (between collars) 5”, Cheek Pieces (measured from end to end of each ring) 8”, Bar Diameter ⅜”, Port Height 1 ⅜”, Bit Weight 14.4oz 

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