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10006 Rare Steel Roy Robinson Solid Shank Bit with Sweetwater Mouth


This is a used Roy Robinson steel solid shank bit with a sweetwater mouth piece made by Roy Robinson from Bryan, Texas. Roy owned Roy Bits & Spurs and made top quality bits, spurs, and saddle hardware. Roy is listed in Old Cowboy Saddles & Spurs by Mike & Gretchen Graham. The bit is marked ROY inside both cheek pieces.  We talked to Roy’s wife several years ago and she said Roy made a few steel bits and spurs but not very many.  The majority of his bits and spurs are stainless. The cheek pieces and mouth are steel and the mouth piece is overlaid with copper. It is not broken, or repaired. When laid on a table one ring sits about 1/16th off the table.  It should not affect the usability any.  There is some rust build up on the steel.  This would be a nice bit to use or to add to your collection.

Measurements: Cheek Pieces 8 ¼”, Mouth Piece (between cheeks) 5 3/16”, Bars Diameter ½”, Bit Weight 13.4 ounces

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